Toy Stalkers UpdateEdit

"It's Halloween and this latest update has plenty of gear for all your Halloween triggering and treating!


The "Magical Broom" in the Shop (MP) will cause a bigger mess on the battlefield than it can clean! Or perhaps you prefer to blast away enemies with your new Pumpkin rocket launcher from the Capsule Machine! There's also a new Brilliant Halloween Hammer Box to win a Gold, Silver or Bronze Skull Melee!


Dress up as a cutesy witch, a mythical fairy, a grimacing jack-o-lantern and much more! Each and every character has new Halloween Bundles! Check it out in the Shop > Parts > Package.

You'll also notice that new Halloween MP Parts now have higher Run Speed/HP stats to help you out on the battlefield while new RT Parts now have added MP Bonuses! (Naomi's "Gold Knight" gear, Pandora's "Anesidora" getup and Knox's "Herc" parts in the Capsule Machine also have supreme MP bonuses also!)

Unfortunately, because you can't preview Bundles in-game right now, watch this short video to see what's in each Halloween Bundle:

MicroVolts Halloween 2012 Bundles

MicroVolts Halloween 2012 Bundles


There are a ton of new MP & RT Accessories for Halloween also! Run around with the new "Goblin" or "Bogle" Mask for C.H.I.P. or swarm your enemies with new "Demonic" or "Devil" Wings for Naomi and Pandora!

All (old and new) MP Accessories now have equal stats to RT Accessories but you'll notice that all RT Accessories have a +5% EXP bonus for faster leveling-up!

These Halloween items won't be available forever so get 'em while you can! Have a Happy Halloween, MicroVolters!"