"What are you looking at? Take a picture, it'll last longer. Actually, you 'know what...unless I ask you something, don't even think about speaking to me."  - Pandora on her Player Pad wall.

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Japanese version artwork of Pandora

Available in versions

English, Korean, Japanese, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesian, South America

English voice actor(s)

Margaret Whittum

Japanese voice actor(s)

Voice A:Aoi Yuki, Voice B:Ayana Taketatsu, Voice C:Ohara Sayaka.

Date of Birth





Kotone Jino

Pandora is the 3rd playable character in MicroVolts.

"Named after a Greek myth, Pandora uses evil tricks to dominate the playground. Pandora also despises Naomi, a young anime doll. Things get ugly when these two cross each other's paths!" - Pandora's Shop description


This doll uses her seductive appeal to lure in targets before destroying them.

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