Map pvc factory
PVC Factory is a small sized map which can be played on Item Match, Team Deathmatch, Elimination and Free For All.

Map LayoutEdit

Like all of the other maps it's splt into two sides, there's very little difference between the two sides besides a few visual differences in the objects located at each side. This means that neither team has a actual advantage over the other.

There's a large hollow box in the middle and 3 smaller boxes which can be jumped upon to gain access to the top of the box, the hollow inside can also be accessed and there's a hole in the middle to drop down into a tunnel. The tunnel can also be entered through a entrance on the left side of each base. The window (which can be seen in the picture) is located in the sticking out areas of each side's building, this along with the door can provide a few sniper kills at the start for those who can aim quickly.