Map cargoship
Model ship is a medium sized map which can be played on the team deathmatch, free for all, item match and zombie modes.

Map LayoutEdit

The whole map is set up like a cargo ship, this is the only map where spawning and the whole map isn't mostly symmetrical. The spawn spots are close to each other for a medium sized map and aren't on the opposite each ends of the ship (besides one spawn point on the red side near a window).

There's a higher level and lower level which can easily be accessed from both sides, the higher level is quite open with only a few obstacles scattered around and a rope leading to a bridge overlooking the higher level. The lower level is littered with quite a lot of cover with a few sniper spots (red side having the advantage with a sniper spot via a window). There are also various corridors which are mainly on the left and right hand side of the lower level. The whole map is very different depending on which spawn you side on as the terrain in which you play varies a lot.