Melee weapons require no ammo, but they are limited by their range. Some melee weapons increase run speed. The left click does moderate damage while the right click does maximum possible damage (Secondary Power). However, what's most important is that it allows you to double jump, therefore reaching higher spots and if timed correctly, allows a technique called wave-stepping.

Default Melee - Folding ShovelEdit

"This everyday gardening tool increases movement speed so you can whack more enemies."

This weapon is obtained from the start and it is unlimited.

Stats and Picture

Folding Shovel Weapon

Picture and Stats of Folding Shovel

Steel HammerEdit

"Be the handyman of the battlefield and nail your oppenents to the ground"

This weapon can be obtained in the Shop for MP

Steel Hammer Wep
Mad Wrench

"That's not how this tool is supposed to be used but when you're mad anything is game"

Mad Wrench Weapon