Knox POW WOW Update Micro NewsEdit

"He may be known as a constant jokester with a heart of gold, but Knox is toughening up on the battlefield in his brand new outfits and stronger weapons!

Introducing the latest MicroVolts Update: KNOX POW WOW! The update that’s all about Knox!

Be on the lookout for:

NEW COSTUME SETS: “The Chief” and “The Warrior” Costume Bundles for Knox will show everyone that there’s just no messing with this tough guy on the battlefield!

NEW MAP “BITMAP”: Get an inside look and explore the developers’ office space! (Just don’t unplug any cords while you’re there!)

NEW WEAPONS: Battle it out with 3 new rare rifles and 3 lethal Katana melee weapons in our Capsule System! (Congrats again to player Morningkiller 101 for naming the NACHO in the Name That Weapon Event!) Watch out for the new ADV-Sherlock in the Mall too!

WEAPON MODIFICATIONS: Your arsenal just got a boost! The White Whisper now has a much faster Reload Speed and the M-135 a super speedy Warm-Up Time!

Don’t forget to check out our new trailer to see who wins the war between The Chief Knox and the rest of the MicroVolts gang!"