Map house top

The Blue team spawning area.

House Top

Versions with this map

English, Korean, Taiwan, Thailand, Japanese

Modes this map uses

Team Death Match, Free For All, Capture The Battery, Elimination

House top is a map in MicroVolts playable in Team Deathmatch, Capture the Battery, Free for All, and Sabotage/Elimination. The setting is similar to that of the intro movie as seen in the blue area. The red spawning area is similar to a small kitchen. In the center of the map, there seems to be a table and stools, while the sides are similar to open closets and/or storage areas.

Sniper SpotsEdit

Creative sniper areas:Edit

  • In the blue spawning area to the left of the back of the chair, there are steps and boxes with a picture of Naomi on the top. If you can find a way to get on the edge of the first box and crouch, you have a clear, covered sniping zone parallel to the shoe boxes.
  • In the red team spawning area, double jump towards the table (from the radio) and face the chair. Double jump onto the chair and get a strategic jump from the chair to the ledge with the bucket on it. Double jump onto the other ledge. This position may not be good for every battle mode, but its a great way to defend in Capture the battery.

Obvious Sniper areas:Edit

  • In the center of the map, there is a tree..thing, and trampolines to get on top. though this seems smart, it is an obvious way to get counter-sniped.