Map chess
Chess is the third smallest map and was originally the only map to have close combat in it and not have any other modes. Now it can be played on Team Deathmatch and Free for All (as well as close combat, of course).

Each side has 3 jump pads located a short distance from their spawn and is currently the only way to get into the middle area. There are random chess pieces scattered across the middle of the map to provide cover along with children's blocks and a radio on the sides.

When in Team Deathmatch snipers often stay at the spawn spot and snipe the opposite site spawn-campers.

People are often sniped when superjumping into the map. The person who is superjumping can get a great view of the battlefield and possibly take down 1 enemy with the sniper.

A well known glich in the map is getting on the toy-dog on the radio.


  • It's been said that the map looks like a watch when you look at it from above.
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