Battle Mine
Map battle mind

Available in versions

English, Japanese, Taiwan, Thailand, Korean

Modes this map uses

Team Death Match, Item Match, Free For All, Elimination, Zombie

Also known as

Battle Of Mind

Battle Mine is a map from MicroVolts.

Map LayoutEdit

Each side has 3 spots they can be spawned from, unlike the other maps they're loccated in seperate buildings/areas (outside of the buildings, 2 inside seperate houses and one leading to the jump pad). To the left (from the blue side of the map) /right (from the red side of the map) is a jump pad which launches you about 1/2 way across the map. There's a a vehicle of some sort to the left/right of the jump pad along with walls in the center to the left/right of the middle between the jumps. Also there is a wall with a hole in the middle between the jumps for more tactical play (instead of just a empty space).

Idk thats a rlly good game go play it for free!